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using PSA or membrane technology.

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We adapt our core equipment to the detailed specifics of your application and then supply it at the most competitive price. Savings up to 60% are common.


There is always a gap between selecting the right nitrogen or oxygen generator and having it properly integrated into your process. We’ll create a custom solution for you in a very short period of time.

30 Years of Experience

We’ve been designing nitrogen and oxygen generation solutions for all applications for 30 years. Count on our experience to better yours.

Why Non-Cryo Vs. Liquid?

Download our Free Guide to Non-Cryo vs. Liquid

There are many advantages to producing non-cryo gases over liquid. Our free guide will walk you through each of these advantages to help you determine which solution is best for you.

Our presentation includes:

  • A look at Non-Cryogenic System Economics (cost vs. purity)
  • The lowest cost Mode of Supply (cost vs. consumption)
  • Benefits of Membrane Air Separation and Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Air Separation
  • Comparison chart – PSA vs. Membrane technology



Project Summaries

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    Gas Systems designed and delivered a large Nitrogen PSA Generator System to supply the refinery’s nitrogen and plant air requirements. The Dakota Prairie Refinery is the first greenfield refinery built in the US since 1976. It was specifically...
  • EXXONMOBIL – St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador
    Gas Systems successfully completed witness testing and shipment of a large skid-mounted nitrogen membrane generator system for ExxonMobil’s Hebron Topsides Project. This nitrogen generating package has several unique and innovative design features that set it apart from other nitrogen generation...
  • STERIGENICS, INC. – Oak Brook, IL
    Gas Systems replaced a costly liquid nitrogen (LIN) supply system with a Nitrogen PSA Generation System at Sterigenics Ontario, CA facility. This installation represents The second nitrogen generator Gas Systems has installed at a Sterigenics facility within the last...

Why Choose Us?

Gas Systems Corporation is your #1 resource for nitrogen and oxygen generation solutions for any application.

  • Custom solutions for your application
  • Competitive prices with savings up to 60%
  • Fast and efficient build times
  • 30 years of experience



We have been using Gas Systems Corporations' Nitrogen Generator in our field for approximately fifteen (15) months. The system continues to perform beyond our expectations and their service has been excellent.Thank you Gas Systems Corporation.

D. Keith MillerAmes Financial Inc.
Gas Systems took our high level description for process air and nitrogen requirements and put together a complete equipment package that included compressed air supply, air drying, and PSA nitrogen generation.  Their team quickly and effectively performed commissioning and answered all of our questions to facilitate efficient, reliable operation of ...
Jerod SmeenkEngineering Manager, Frontline BioEnergy, LLC
Gas Systems Corporation demonstrated a variety of knowledge and experience in meeting our plant's needs. They delivered what they said they would and kept communication with us to keep the project moving. They were able to put together a package that was far better than we could have worked on ...
Ryan WhiteADM Valdosta

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