Engineered Solutions


We engineer our oxygen or nitrogen production technology to fit your process, not vice versa.

Any application of PSA and Membrane technology requires some engineering. Most oxygen and nitrogen bulk industrial gas suppliers or gas generator system distributors would have you adapt your process to fit their solution.  At Gas Systems Corporation, we believe your process should come first and that our systems should be designed accordingly. This is our specialty: The solution-within-a-solution. We have the engineering expertise to improve on existing systems, to correct existing problems and develop entirely new and unique solutions. Then we sustain performance through years of service.

Engineering consultation is our specialty whether the scope of customization is large or small. We have individualized systems worldwide and are able—due to our size and expertise—to keep projects moving with unusually short turnaround times.

We set ourselves apart by providing full service for our systems. We provide training, both domestically and internationally. We maintain and service our systems so that they can continue to serve you for the long haul. This is all part of our commitment to the sustained efficiency of our systems. A bulk liquid industrial gas supplier has no real incentive to maintain his equipment—inefficiencies and leakage loss allow him to sell more product. Our goal is not just to provide equipment, but a comprehensive and lasting solution.

To begin detailing a better way to meet your oxygen or nitrogen needs, call (214) 592-4311 or click here to speak with an engineer skilled in creating unique solutions.