Extreme Conditions Design

Since 2004, Gas Systems has built a solid reputation for designing and packaging nitrogen and oxygen generation systems that meet rigorous equipment standards while operating successfully in extreme climates and environmental conditions. Trust our experienced design team to engineer the nitrogen or oxygen generation system you envisioned.

Gas Systems designs protection against a wide variety of threats, including high and low temperatures, high humidity, blowing sand and dust, salt mist and hazardous hydrocarbon gases. Extreme temperature operation allows our systems to operate in ambient temperature ranges from – 29º C (arctic) to +55º C (desert). These systems can also be given immunity against salt mist and atmospheres with corrosive gases (i.e. H₂S, SO₂, CL₂) and other volatile hydrocarbons and compounds found in hazardous locations such as refineries, chemical plants/storage, and drilling platforms.

We have a philosophy of aligning ourselves with strategic suppliers for the components we use in packaging our non-cryogenic generation systems. It is a partnership where everyone benefits, including our customers. We offer you a similar relationship as your supplier.