How It Works

Nitrogen Generation and Oxygen Generation Technologies 78% of the air is nitrogen, 21% is oxygen. Why do bulk industrial gas suppliers think they’ve cornered the market?

Generate Nitrogen and Oxygen for less using PSA or membrane technology.


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If you’re still contracting with a supplier for liquid or gas-filled cylinders of nitrogen or oxygen, you’re not only paying too much, but you’re playing by someone else’s rules–enduring a long and inflexible contract and suffering through annual price increases. In short, you’re on the receiving end of an inefficient process that is favorable to the supplier above all.

If you are already generating your own nitrogen or oxygen, Gas Systems Corporation can customize a solution for you for still greater efficiency and economy. In all cases, we engineer our core technology to each need for a tailored solution-within-a-solution. We begin by looking at your usage pattern and consumption rates, and create a system that is perfectly fitted to your needs and is both energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

Fifty years ago, there was no alternative. Now thanks to PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) you can generate your own nitrogen or oxygen on location through a relatively basic process far more cheaply than buying from a bulk liquid industrial gas supplier.

For specifics on non-cryogenic and cryogenic production using PSA, please see: