Oxygen Non-Cryogenic

Non-cryogenic oxygen:
A breath of fresh air for energy costs.

How a PSA generator works to save you money.

If oxygen is critical to your process, Gas Systems Corporation can help you supply yourself, leaving behind the unnecessary costs and maddening inefficiencies associated with bulk liquid industrial gas supplier-purchased oxygen. We are an experienced team of engineers who can design a non-cryogenic generation system to your exact needs, for maximum energy efficiency and the best use of each unit of oxygen produced.

PSA requires far less energy to achieve a separation of oxygen from nitrogen.  Compressed air flows over a molecular sieve and the smaller nitrogen molecules are trapped, while the larger oxygen molecules flow past and are collected in a tank. The sieve is then purged of nitrogen while a second sieve is separating molecules. As these sieves alternate between generating and purging, oxygen is collected into a tank, which then feeds the process at a steady rate.

Industries that rely on oxygen rely on our legacy of providing the solution-within-a-solution.  We customize a system that enables you to use oxygen in a highly efficient and cost-effective way.