Autoclaves / Sterilization

Autoclaves/Composite Bonding:
You’re creating “The metal of the future.”

Why would you use the nitrogen source of the past?

On-site generation solutions from Gas Systems Corporation eliminate “all-at-once” power draws, product waste and other inefficiencies associated with liquid nitrogen usage in composite bonding and other batch processes. In composite bonding and sterilization processes, autoclaves use nitrogen in large, occasional batches. This application is well suited for on-site nitrogen generators, because they consume less power. Instead of running a 1000 Hp compressor for a brief time to supply a batch, you can run a 150 Hp unit over a longer time frame and store the excess gas in a large buffer tank. Smaller systems work 100% of the time and are more energy-efficient and cost-effective: They’re not in a start-and-stop cycle that eats power and wears out the compression equipment.

Nitrogen from a cylinder gas or bulk liquid supplier may simply not available in cases where a production plant is several hundred miles away. In such situations, the only choice is—fortunately—the best choice: your own nitrogen generation system.

Quick payback, dramatically lower per-unit cost.

As with all our systems, the payback period for a generator is approximately 18 months and typically, 12 to 15 months. After that, your per-unit cost of nitrogen will be one-half to one-third the cost of supplied gas or liquid nitrogen.

The question, then, is how can you afford NOT to source your own nitrogen?

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