Food Industry

You’re making the most of nitrogen in food packaging. Now cut your cost by 60%.

A more nourishing, efficient source for the food industry.

Are your plants operating for all they’re worth?

Even as you read this, there are ways to realize savings in food packaging that you may not know about. Gas Systems Corporation knows the ramifications: In our years serving the food industry, we’ve seen that few packaging plants are optimized for the most effective use of nitrogen. For example, we’ve developed a keen understanding of sizing nozzles for the most efficient use of the product. This is on top of the already inherent gain in using non-cryogenic nitrogen: Since there is no real incentive for liquid nitrogen suppliers to optimize for efficient use or perform the maintenance that would prevent leakage, they typically leave these tasks untouched.

We offer practical insights. For example, while FDA regulations require a backup cylinder supply, we recommend this not exceeding 10%. And, for as little as the backup comes into play, you’re still coming out miles ahead compared with full reliance on a supplier contract or rented system.

Why the food industry is turning to ownership.

You now rely on nitrogen as a primary element in your packaging process to maintain food freshness. At that level, owning your supply makes incredibly good sense—a simple way to lower your cost per package. You can have a return on your investment in 18 months or less. After that, your operating cost savings can be as much as 60% over liquid or gas supply contract prices. This also means the end of fuel surcharges, delivery fees and dreaded annual price increases—and more consistent prices for your customers.

For the economic advantage in owning your own supply, see How to estimate cost vs. usage.