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The sensible solution:
Finally, a cap on N2 and O2 costs.

Our industrial generators produce oxygen or nitrogen on-location and on-demand—for less.

If you’re purchasing cylinder gas or bulk liquid from an industrial gas supplier, you’re paying for an expensive separation process as well as transportation and delivery costs. Fifty years ago, there was no alternative, but times have changed. At Gas Systems Corporation, we specialize in high efficiency non-cryogenic nitrogen and oxygen solutions at a per-unit gas cost that’s more in line with the endless supply in the air around us.

With over 20 years experience in providing solutions-within-a-solution to nitrogen and oxygen users, we can design a system that fits your particular need for maximum efficiency. For example, we design smaller systems that can handle massive flows. We’ve innovated oxygen and nitrogen generators with cylinder-filling capabilities for remote or hostile environments where land transport is unworkable—and supply is critical. We’re currently involved in delivering a solution to several Wyoming uranium production companies, who require oxygen for insitu leaching (ISL), also known as solution mining.  This process involves leaving the ore in the ground and pumping oxygen enriched water through it to recover the uranium or by leaching. On-site oxygen generation is proving to be the least expensive and most reliable source of oxygen, especially since the mountainous terrain makes it almost impossible for liquid oxygen tankers to make deliveries during the winter months. If your challenge has yet to be solved, talk to us.

Success depends on understanding your in-depth requirements—and how much more you could save.

“What about our contract?”

Generating your own gas also means the end of a long contract and frequent price increases. If, however, you are in the middle of a contract and have found that it is difficult or impossible to break, we can still help. It’s never too early to begin defining a new solution.

Often, people in field operations don’t realize the details or the ramifications of industrial gas supply contracts, which are normally held in the purchasing office—effectively, holding them hostage. You may be penalized for using too much gas—or too little gas. To find out how to begin the process of setting your operations free, download our advice.

We’re in the personal attention industry.

We’ll never be too large to give your project the personal attention it deserves.  Our formula always includes putting our engineers with your engineers in order to tailor a generator to your individual application. Other generator distributors are just that—distributors. We believe that any system—large or small, simple or complex—needs the eyes and ears of engineers, not sales reps, to be properly sized and configured. We are not just suppliers; we are engineering problem-solvers.

For that reason, we are also poised to adapt a generation system to an application we’ve never seen before—or that has not yet been developed. If your application doesn’t fall within our listed categories, contact us. Making systems work better is our specialty.