Oil & Gas

You bought a piece of equipment. Now what?

We specialize in engineering, installation and service of nitrogen generation systems for the Oil & Gas industry.

Many industrial gas distributors of nitrogen generation systems to this industry are just that: distributors. Unlike Gas Systems Corporation, they don’t provide a fully engineered solution-within-a-solution that is comprehensively suited to a customer’s needs. They aren’t likely to provide maintenance or service after the sale either. This approach is as important as the technology itself, so we made it our specialty. We see our job as providing you with an ongoing supply of ideas to improve your operation with ever-increasing efficiency.

We create a complete solution so you can keep doing what you do best. We build our systems on skids and specifically design them to fit into steel ISO containers for ease and security of shipment.  We customize each system for maximum performance and efficiency. Each is a turnkey solution: pre-piped, pre-drilled and fitted with start-up procedure placards. All you do is connect the power; it’s that simple.

An enhanced approach to EOR.

In the Oil & Gas industry, nitrogen is an ideal medium for EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), injection, sealing and developing pressure in wells and pipelines, including offshore “blanketing,” line-purging and air-drilling operations. It is inert, non-corrosive, non-flammable, extremely dry and doesn’t react with down hole fluids to form sludge or emulsions. But, really, how you create and use nitrogen is as important as why you use it. That’s where our expertise can make a major difference.

Our clients will tell you: With Gas Systems, you don’t discover when your equipment arrives on site that it doesn’t work. Service after the sale, whether onshore or offshore, is essential to our whole philosophy.

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