Water Treatment

You’re providing services for the future.
Why use an outdated supply mode?

Our water and wastewater treatment solutions advance
your processes while controlling costs.

Nitrogen is a staple of your operations—but are you getting the most for your money? Oxygen is at the forefront of new processes; are you looking for ways to implement them smoothly? Whether it is nitrogen blanketing of potable water in the deserts of Oman or testing oxygen in a wastewater treatment facility in Houston, Texas, Gas Systems Corporation supplies and consults on water and wastewater treatment solutions worldwide.

Nitrogen is used more and more to blanket storage tanks to prevent tank corrosion and microorganism growth that can impact water quality. Our oxygen solutions are being tested in sewage package plants to promote the growth of good bacteria that reduce BOD, which means less sludge volume to be disposed of in landfills. This application is a great example of adapting our core technology to new and exciting technologies.

With on-location gas generation, you have a limitless supply, available on-demand, with an average payback period of 15-18 months. What’s more, we are skilled in developing custom solutions for potentially any application, large or small.

You can part with your liquid nitrogen or oxygen supplier, along with their long and restrictive contract, irrational price increases, hidden fees and the high cost of handling and shipping the product.